Call For Paper

Call For Paper

Advances In Instrumentation And Techniques
Algebra And Its Application
Analysis And Computation
Applications Of Microscopy In The Physical Sciences
Applied Materials Science & Engineering
Applied Mathematics And Engineering: Modeling
Applied Non-Linear Physics
Applied Optics
Applied Partial Differential Equations
Applied Solid State Physics
Astrophysics And Plasma physics
Bio (Electro) Magetism
Biomaterials Science And Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Biophysical Chemistry
Chemistry And Materials Science And Technolody Advanced Materials
Complex Systems
Computational Physcis
Condensed Matter Physics
Condensed Matter Physics And Materials Science
Differential Equations
Dynamical Systems And Theri Applications
Engineering And Industraial Physics
Engineering Applications And Scientific Computations
Environmental Physics
Financial And Actuary Mathematics
Fuzzy Mathematics And Its Applications
Geometry And Its Application
Health Physics
Homogenisation And Multiscale Analysis
Imaging Techniques
Interfaces And Colloids
Inverser Problems
Large-Code Development
Laser Physics
Laser Application To Medicine
Mathematical Methods In Optics And Electromagnetic
Mathematical Modeling In Materials Science And Biology
Medical Physics
Medical/ Biological Physics
Methodological Advances
Metrology And Standards
Modeling And Simulation
Molecular And Chemical Physics
Nanoscale Physics
Nanoscience And Nanotechnolody
Non-Equilibrium Systems
Non-Linear Optics
Non-Linear Physics
Nonlinear Problems In Mechanics
Nuclear Physics /Chemistyr
Nuclear Sciences And Engineering
Optical Physics
Particle Physics
Petascale Computing
Physical Chemistry
Physical Properties Of Biological /Biomedical Systems Through Microscopy
Plasma Physics
Quantum Electronics And Photonics
Quantum Monte Carlo
Quantum Physics
Radiation Chemistry
Radiation Physics
Radiation Processing
Radiation Protection And Safety Issues
Radiation Safety
Radiation-Matter Interaction
Scientific Computation
Semiconductors Devices And Photonics
Soft And Granular Matter
Solid State Physics
Statistical Methods In Technical And Economic Sciences And Practice
Ultrafast Phenomena
Advanced Chemistry
Advanced Physics
Applications Of Computation As A Scientific Paradigm
Applied Sciences
Biomaterial Technolody
Business Communication
Business Mathematics And Statistics
Cognitive Engineering And Human-Systems Integration
Control theroy And Application
E-Business Technologies
Energy Management
Engineering Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
Entrepreneurship Engineering
Environmental Studies
Financial And Management Accounting
financial Management
Green Energy And Green Technolody
Hazard Prevention And Disaster Reduction
Human Resource Management
Innovative Research And Development
Knowledge Engineering And Management
Manugacturing Science And Technolody
Marine Engineering
Marketing Management
Material Sciences
Medical Chemistry
Micro Biolody

Nanomaterials And Nanocomposites
Numerical Algorithms
Pharmacy And Biotechnologies
Power Systems
Production Management
Retail Management
Services Engineering
Social Science
Social Systems Engineering
Technologies And Design
Textiles And Leather
Theroy And Applications In Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Biomedical Materials
Carbon Based Materilas
Cellular Manufacturing
Composite Materials
Control And Information Technology
High Strength Alloys
Lean And Agile Manufacturing
Magnetic Materials
Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing Processes And Technology
Manufacturing System And Simulation
Manufacturing System And Equiment
Materials Physics
Materials Processing And Handling
Metal Processing
Metallurgical Fundamentals And Techniques
New Materials And Performances
Optical Material
Polymetric Materials
Smart Materials
Analog And Digital Electronics
Economic Models for E-Business
Electric Drives And Control
Instrumentation Engineering
Power Generation
Power System Engineering
Renewable Power Generation And Its Efficient Utilization
Signals And Systems
Smart Grids Technologies & Applications
Transmission And Distribution
Artificial Neural Networks
Computational Intelligence And Evolutionary Computation
Computer Network And Secuirty & Forensic
Data Communication
Data Mining
Decision Support And Recommender Systems
Fuzzy Systems And Hybrid Systems
Image Processing And Pattern Recognition
Information Retrieval
Information Technology And Computer Education
Knowledge Discovery

Knowledge Management And Ontology
Natural Language Processing
Other Topics Related To ICT And Its Application
Software Engineering And Software Development
Web Application And Web Service

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning
Big Data Applications On Heterogeneous Architectures Such As Healthcare
Big Data Security
Big Data
Communication And Networking
Computer Networks
Computer Science Engineering
Data Mining
Data Models For Big Data Analytics
Data Warehousing
Database Systems
Distributed And Parallel Computing
Energy - Efficient Models And Sustainability Issues For Big Data
E-Systems And Computer Systems
Fault Tolerance And Reliability For Big Data
Green Computing
Human-Centred Computing
Index Structures For Big Data Analytics
Information Assurance
Innovative Cloud Infrastructure For Big Data
Interaction Design For Exploratory Analytics
Large-Scale Recommendation Systems And Graph Analysis
Machine Learning Techniques For Big Data
Mobile and Cloud Computing
Multimedia Processsing
Network Coding And Information Theory
Network Security & Privacy
Programming Language
Resource Scheduling
Software Engineering
Surveillance And Sesnsing
Web Services And Technologies
Bridge And Railway Engineering
Bridge Engineering
Building Structure And Bridge Engineering
Building Technology
Cartography And Geographic Information System
Coastal Engineering
Computational Mechanics
Computer Simulation And CAD/CAE
Concrete Structure
Construction and Control
Detection And Transformation
Disaster Prevention And Mitigation
Engineering Management
Environment-Friendly Construction And Development
Gas Supply
Geological Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Harbor Engineering
Hydraulic Engineering
Material Quality And Control
Metallic Structures
Monitoring And Control Of Structures
Operation And Maintenance
Project Management
Reliability And Durability Of Structures
Retrofitting And Strengthening
Safety and Monitoring

Saintary And Ground Water Engineering
Seismic Engineering
Structural Analysis And Desing
Structural Engineering And Disaster Reduction
Structural Rehabilitation
Subway And Underground Facilities
Surveying And Geo-Informatics
Surveying And Photogrammetry
Surveying Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Urban Planning
Ventilation And Air Conditioning Works
Water Supply And Drainage Engineering

Acoustical Engineering
Advanced Metal Forming
Aerospace Engineering
Automated Highway Systems
Automated Mining
Automated Video Surveillance
Automated Waste Management
Automation And Robotics
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computer Control
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Design And Drafting
Design And Manufacturing Engineering
Design For Manufacturing And Assembly
Discrete Control

Electric Drive Control
Electrical Insulation Technology
Exoskeletal Robot
Home Automation
Human Robot Interaction
Industrial And Systems Engineering
Industrial Automation
Industrial Engineering
Intelligent Design
Intelligent Robot And Service Robot
Manufacturing Engineering
Materials Science And Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Testing
Mechanical Transmission Control

Saintary And Ground Water Engineering
Seismic Engineering
Structural Analysis And Desing
Structural Engineering And Disaster Reduction
Structural Rehabilitation
Subway And Underground Facilities
Surveying And Geo-Informatics
Surveying And Photogrammetry
Surveying Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Urban Planning
Ventilation And Air Conditioning Works
Water Supply And Drainage Engineering
Mechatronics And Automation

Atmospheric Physics
Atmospheric Sciences
Carbon Capture And Storage
Climate And Climatic Changes
Computational Science
Computer Science

Environmental Dynamics
Environmental Science And Technology
Environmental Sciences
Food Science
Global Warming
He Global Environmental Change And Ecosystems Management
Health Sciences
Materials Science

Ozone Layer Depletion
Physical Oceanography
Physical Sciences
Plant Sciences

Advanced Oxidation Processes
Algae And Photobiotechnology
Applied Chemistry
Biobased Economy
Biochemical And Bio-Molecular Engineering
Bioengineering And Biomedical Engineering
Biomass Conversion
Bioprocess Integration And Intensification
Bioprocesses For Water And Wastewater Treatment (Aerobic And Anaerobic)
Bioprocessing For Food Engineering
Bioresources Engineering And Technology
Biosensors And Biodevices

Bioseparation Techniques
Biotechnology And Applied Microbiology
Cell Culture Engineering
Chemical Engineering Education
Chemical Engineering Equipment Design And Process Design
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Chemical Reactors
Clean Processes Technology
Computer Aided Process Engineering
Economics And Business Management
Environmental Bioengineering
Fluid Dynamics
Heat Transfer
High Pressure And High Temperature Process Technology
Hydrogen Production
Industrial Biotechnology
Instrumentation And Control
Membrane Engineering
Multiphase Systems
Particulate Solids/Solids Processing
Performance And Control Of Bioreactors
Photo- And Electrochemical Engineering
Polymer Reaction Engineering
Process Engineering
Process Safety Management
Process System
Product Design
Reactor Materials
Separation Technologies
Transport Phenomena
Waste Sludge Treatment And Disposal
Water And Wastewater Management And Treatment

Adaptive Signal Processing
Advances In Service Robotics
Analog And Mixed-Signal Ic Design And Testing
Antenna & Wave Propagation
Autonomous Navigation
Autonomous Vehicles For Land
Bio-Medical Applications In The Domain Of Electronics & Communication Engineering
Biomedical Instrumentation And Sensors
Biomedical Signal Processing
Challenges In Service Robotics
Cognition Based Interaction
Compound Semiconductors
Construction Robots
Digital Ic Design And Testing
Electronic Devices
Embedded Systems
Entertainment Robotics
Environmental Robotics
Floor And Lawn Care Robotics
Ge Microelectronics
Human Assistance And Supports
Human Centred Robotics
Human-Robot Interaction Technologies
Human-Robot Interface
Image And Video Processing
Image Processing
Integrated Circuits Manufacturing And Reliability
Intelligent Cars
Medical And Healthcare Robotics
Mems And Microsystems
Microwave Engineering Applications
Multimedia Coding And Communication
Network-Based Intelligent Robot Services
Object And People Recognition
Object Manipulation
Ofdm And Smart Antennas
Optical Communication
Pattern Recognition And Image Understanding
Planetary Exploration Robots
Rf Ic Design And Testing
Robot Simulations
Robot Software Development
Robots For Cultural Heritage
Satellite Communication
Search And Rescue Robotics
Security Robotics
Service Robotics
Service Robotics And Applications
Service/Life Support Robots
Si-Ge Heterostructures
Signal Processing
Solar Cells And Photonics
Speech And Audio Signal Processing
Technology Cad
Visual Servoing/Robot Vision
Wireless Communication And Sensor Networks
Wireless Communications